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Hearing Aid Center
in Wenatchee, WA

At Better Hearing, we take a personalized approach to hearing loss evaluation and treatment. We offer an extensive variety of tests to best determine your hearing loss, as well as top technology from leading hearing aid manufacturers to restore it. Rest easy knowing our audiologists will help fit, program, clean and repair your devices. Our complete audiology services are available to children and adults through two locations in North Central Washington. Schedule an appointment today or stop by our office in Wenatchee to speak with one of our friendly team members!

A Personalized Approach to Hearing

Hearing is one of our vital senses. Once it’s gone, there’s no way to get it back! That’s why a focus on aural health is so important. At Better Hearing, we’re committed to helping the residents of North Central Washington protect and preserve their hearing – and offer solutions that are right for them if they’re already suffering from hearing loss. We’re the area’s leader for hearing service, taking an individualized approach to every person, every test, and every hearing device. Your hearing is too Important for a one-size-fits-all approach!
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We employ Audiologists who are highly trained and capable of assessing, diagnosing and advising on all types of hearing loss and other conditions. Whether you’re suffering from tinnitus or have signs of Auditory Processing Disorder, we’re here to help. Let us guide you through the comprehensive testing to definitively diagnose your condition—then, recommend the therapies and products best-suited to treat it.

Our specialty is better hearing.

Our Audiologists are capable of recommending the right device, fitting and programming it to you, repairing hearing aids, and even cleaning and maintaining them. We work with trusted brands and have the know-how to ensure your device is always working as-intended at all times. You deserve to hear clearly each and every day, and it’s our mission to make that a reality. Schedule your appointment today and see why we’re the authority for service in North Central Washington.
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      Protect and Preserve Your Hearing

      Whether you need to diagnose occupational hearing loss or have your hearing aids refitted, repaired and cleaned, count on Better Hearing. We live up to our name – we exist to help
      you hear better and live better. Schedule your appointment today. Proudly offering hearing help to patients in North Central Washington at our offices in Wenatchee and Omak.
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