Hearing Aids for Children in Wenatchee, WA

It can be overwhelming to learn that your child has a hearing loss. What does that mean? Are you sure, because it seems like he/she can hear me? Is this permanent? Did I do something to cause this to happen?
The Audiologists at Better Hearing are trained and highly experienced when it comes to hearing aids for children. We know that children are not small adults – children need to have access to all sound in order to learn, grow, and develop.
We are honored to walk this road with you, and we will be there to answer questions and support you, your child, and your family along the way.
Not sure what to ask? Check out this resource.


Developmental Milestones for Listening

Adapted from Cole & Flexler and Owens

by 4 months
• shows preference for variable intonation (“motherese”) over monotone
• able to discriminate between high and low frequency sounds in a quiet setting

by 7 months
• demonstrates awareness of environmental sounds
• reacts to changes in tone of voice
• begins to localize with head turning
• shows auditory memory for familiar voices
• responds to own name and names of family members

by 12 months
• follows verbal commands
• understands the names of familiar objects

by 24 months
• follows directions with two critical elements
• independently seeks the source of a sound

by 36 months
• verbally identifies a sound
• sings complete songs from memory

by 4 years
• developing sustained auditory attention over longer periods of time
• learns from overhearing (uses words/phrases not directly taught

by 7 years
• higher level auditory skills are largely developed, including selective attention, understanding speech with a heavy accent and following conversations