Hearing Aid Repair in Wenatchee, WA

You rely on your hearing aids every day. To get the same high-caliber level of performance from them day in and day out, it’s important to keep them in the best possible condition. Better Hearing is here to help.

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Problems with your hearing aid? These complex devices can run into simple problems that hinder their function and impact your ability to hear. If you’re not sure what the issue is or can’t seem to fix it, give us a call. We’re equipped to troubleshoot most regular issues, including:

  • Volume too low/high
  • Distorted sound
  • Doesn’t turn on
  • Whistling and feedback
  • Fit issues

Does your hearing aid have a wax guard or filter? Watch our video to learn how to change the filter at home.

Hearing Aid Repair

Occasionally, the problem goes beyond a simple calibration or settings issue. We can perform basic repairs at our offices in Wenatchee and Omak to get your devices back to you as soon as possible. In the event there’s a major defect or other issue that can’t be repaired in the office, we will send the hearing aid to the manufacturer and provide you with a loaner device to use while you wait.


Maintenance is something every person should be doing at home—but there’s no substitute for professional maintenance every so often. From cleaning to calibration and everything in-between, we’ll gladly help you care for your devices proactively, to help preserve their function for the long-term. We can even provide you with a few tips on how to enhance the caliber of your at-home maintenance.

We Help You Care for Hearing Aids

Better Hearing provides complete hearing aid solutions to Wenatchee and our North Central Washington neighbors – including maintenance and repair to keep your devices working right. Contact us today at 509-852-7000 for more information about our abilities, tinnitus treatments, and comprehensive hearing tests or to inquire about service for your devices.