February 16, 2022 L. L. Yarbrough

2022-03-03 | 15:52:41

"I went in expecting aggressive upselling. Far from it. My needs & lifestyle came first. Not the price. Every question was answered, and some I didn't even know to ask. THANK YOU!"
January 28, 2022 Richard Schellhaas

2022-02-02 | 14:47:36

"Very pleasant, thorough and helpful"
January 22, 2022 Gail Cerenzia

2022-02-02 | 14:47:33

"Very professional and helpful during the testing process."
December 15, 2021 Sabeth Jackson

2022-01-05 | 16:04:54

"I was able to get in quickly, and the exam was thorough and professional."
December 7, 2021 Eloise

2022-01-05 | 16:05:04

"I am so pleased to have a test and be fitted in the same visit. Everything was simple and transparent."
September 3, 2021 Robert B.

"I had my first visit with Dr. Megan Carter on Monday and it was much better than all previous visits to the hearing specialists. The equipment used during my visit was much better and I expect better results during my next visit."