January 22, 2022 G.C.

2022-02-02 | 14:47:33

"Very professional and helpful during the testing process."
December 15, 2021 S.J.

2022-01-05 | 16:04:54

"I was able to get in quickly, and the exam was thorough and professional."
December 7, 2021 E.J.

2022-01-05 | 16:05:04

"I am so pleased to have a test and be fitted in the same visit. Everything was simple and transparent."
September 3, 2021 R.B.

"I had my first visit with Dr. Megan Carter on Monday and it was much better than all previous visits to the hearing specialists. The equipment used during my visit was much better and I expect better results during my next visit."
August 15, 2021 P.M.

"I was so pleased that the helpful folks at Better Hearing were able to help with my hearing problem. They're very knowledgeable, and friendly."
July 15, 2021 J.S.

"Megan is a wonderful Audiologist! She has a way of combining the competence and skill expected of a professional along with a very pleasant personality."