Your Partners in Hearing Health

The ability to hear clearly each and every day is essential. Better Hearing is your partner in establishing aural health—whether that means staying on top of your hearing or getting the hearing aid device you need to hear better after hearing loss. We’re a partner to patients across across Chelan County, Douglas County and Okanogan County, including Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Omak, Twisp and Winthrop, providing comprehensive hearing tests and evaluations, hearing aid repairs, tinnitus treatments, education and much more. Our commitment to every individual person’s hearing is what makes us the only hearing center you need to visit.
For more information about our audiology services or to inquire with questions for our audiologists, please contact us today through the form on this page.

New hearing aids / technology / evaluationHearing aid less than 3 years old - adjust / clean / repairHearing aid more than 3 years old - adjust / clean / repairHearing protection - musician / hunting / industrialHearing test / evaluationRinging in the ear / tinnitus or dizzinessGeneral information about hearing loss / hearing aidsOther

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