February 24, 2023 S.M.

2023-04-05 | 14:47:56

"The staff here is s very pleasant, helpful and efficient. The intern, Liszt, who did the hearing test and calibrated my hearing aids was particularly personable and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this place."
December 23, 2022 J.B.

2023-01-04 | 14:15:00

"All I can say is that Megan Carter and entire office staff is awesome. Easy to work with and very compassionate."
December 12, 2022 P.S.

2023-01-04 | 14:14:58

"You guys are great!!!"
November 23, 2022 P.B.

2023-01-04 | 14:14:56

"My wife and I had audiology exams with Dr. Megan Carter today, she's patient and explains procedures clearly; a very pleasant experience."
February 16, 2022 L.L.Y.

2022-03-03 | 15:52:41

"I went in expecting aggressive upselling. Far from it. My needs & lifestyle came first. Not the price. Every question was answered, and some I didn't even know to ask. THANK YOU!"
January 28, 2022 R.S.

2022-02-02 | 14:47:36

"Very pleasant, thorough and helpful"